I'm Daisy C. Thomas, a Christian Author and Visionary. I am also a survivor of possibly every type of toxic relationship one could imagine. In 2009 I went from being a victim to victorious! This was the year I was able to break free from a toxic relationship that kept me bound for so many years. You see, I had fallen in love with a counterfeit, and that relationship had nearly costed me everything, including my identity. I had been in toxic relationships before, but this one was soul-crushing, and my life was shattered into what seemed like a thousand pieces. I don't believe I would have made it out of  such a dark place if it wasn't for my mother's prayers. She passed away in March of 2001, but she left a message before she died. Her final words to me were, "HE WHOM THE SON SETS FREE, IS FREE INDEED." She then said, "I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU, AND I AM PRAYING FOR YOU." She quoted John 8:36 that day, and I held on to her words in my darkest hours. She would have been so happy to know her prayers were answered. I've been set free, but I can't stop there!  I want to see others free also. You see, I am tired of seeing the lives of so many women destroyed while dealing with counterfeit men, and this is what inspired me to write "Destined To Date A Good Man: No More Counterfeits!" I am convinced many chains will be broken, questions will be answered, and lives will be changed due to the contents of this book.